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        Mann Ki Baat 2.0   Episode 17: October 25, 2020

             Khadi goes Global amid

               talks of Vocal for Local

          Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon the countrymen to light a Diya on Diwali to express
          solidarity for the bravehearts who are away from their families guarding the borders, and
          reminded the nation to not let the guard down in the fight against COVID-19

          VOCAL FOR LOCAL: When you go for shopping,        Gurus too have enriched the spirit of unity through
          do  remember  our  resolve  of  going  ‘Vocal  for   their lives and noble deeds.
          Local’. We have to accord the top priority to the   VALMIKI JAYANTI:  I  pay  my  obeisance  to
          local products.                                   Maharshi Valmiki  and  extend  my  heartiest
          INDIAN  SPORTS:  Mallakhambh  is  gaining         greetings  to  the  countrymen  on  this  special
          popularity  in  many  countries.  Mallakhambh     occasion. He is a beacon of great hope for
          training  centers  are  running  at  many  locations   millions of the impoverished and Dalits… instills
          across America.  Mallakhambh is gaining           hope and trust within them.
          popularity  in  and  around  20  other  countries   REMEMBERING SARDAR PATEL:    We  have
          including  Germany,  Poland  and  Malaysia.       discussed many great aspects about  Sardar
          Recently,  its  World  Championship  was  also    Patel’s personality but did you know he was also
          introduced  which  saw  participants  from  many   blessed with an outstanding sense of humour?
          countries.                                        Bapu had said that the jestful banter of Sardar
          BRAVEHEART SOLDIERS:  We must also think          Patel made him laugh so much that he would get
          of our braveheart soldiers who are stationed on   cramps in the stomach. This happened not just
          our borders in the line of duty. We have to light a   once but several times during the day. We also
          lamp at home in their honour.                     remain eternally grateful to him for his efforts to
          OAXACA KHADI:  Khadi long recognised as an        unify India.
          eco-friendly  fabric  has  also  become  a  fashion   PENCIL VILLAGE:  When  children  all  over  the
          statement. Not only is popularity of Khadi rising,   country do their homework, or prepare notes,
          but it is also being produced in many parts of the   somewhere behind this lies the hard work of the
          world. There is a place in Mexico called Oaxaca   people of Pulwama! The Kashmir Valley meets
          where  people  in  many  villages  produce  Khadi.   almost  90%  of  the  national  demand  for  Pencil
          Mark Brown introduced the villagers of Oaxaca     slats,  i.e.  the  timber  casings.  Of  these,  a  very
          in Mexico to Khadi and trained them. And now      large share comes from Pulwama. In Pulwama,
          Oaxaca Khadi has become a brand.                  Oukhoo is known as the Pencil Village.
          TRADITION OF PILGRIMAGE:  Pilgrimage              AGRICULTURE:  The new possibilities in the
          knits  India  in  a  common  thread.  Often  people   agriculture sector  are attracting youth towards
          in our country say or chant while bathing with a   it. Technology-based service has made possible
          hallowed belief, the mantra of unity:             home delivery of agricultural produce in
          Gange CheYamuneChaive Godavari Saraswati.         Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. In another new
          Narmade Sindhu Kaveri Jale asminn Sannidhim       beginning, a company in Maharashtra is offering
          Kuru                                              bonus to farmers to win their heart.
          Similarly, the holy sites of Sikhs include 'Nanded
          Sahib'  and  'Patna  Sahib'  Gurdwaras.  Our  Sikh   Tune in to Mann Ki Baat by scanning QR Code

                                                                      Diwali Celebration In
                                                                        Ayodhya in 2019
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