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News Briefs


            nion  Defence  Minister
        URajnath  Singh  dedicated
        44  major  permanent  bridges
        to  the  Nation  on  October  12,
        2020, imparting a major fillip
        to road connectivity  in  the
        Western,  Northern  and  North
        East  areas  of the  country
        which have military as well as
        strategic  importance.  These
        bridges,  with  their  lengths
        ranging from 30 to 484 metres,
        will make transport smoother
        for the  civilian  people  as
        well and enable them to fulfil
        their  aspirations.  Built  by  the
        Border  Roads  Organisation
        (BRO),  these  bridges  are         Nechiphu  Tunnel  on  the          The    ceremonial     blasting
        located  in  seven  States and      road to Tawang in Arunachal        at  the  site  took  place  on
        Union  Territories  including       Pradesh.  Work has  also           October  15,  2020.  The
        ten  bridges  in  Jammu and         begun on Zojila Tunnel which       14.15-km-long tunnel will cut
        Kashmir.                            upon completion will provide       down the time taken to cross
           The  Defence  Minister  also     all-weather       connectivity     the  Zozila  Pass  from  more
        laid  the  foundation  stone  for   between Srinagar Valley and        than  3.5  hours  currently  to
        the  strategically  important       Leh through Dras and Kargil.       just 15 minutes.


            upply of clean  and  safe  water is  crucial
        Sfor public  health  for which  regular
        testing  is  imperative. Hence, surveillance
        and  monitoring  of water quality are natural
        and  integral  components  of the  Jal  Jeevan
        Mission.  To  pursue   this  objective,  Haryana
        Government  has  launched  a  state-of-the-art
        mobile water testing laboratory van, equipped
        with  multi-parameter  system  containing
        analysers, sensor, probes, instruments meant
        for  water  testing.  The  major  water-quality
        issues in Haryana are Total Dissolved Solids,         based  analyser  controlled  by  a  centrally
        (TDS) fluorides, nitrates, iron and alkalinity.       commanded  software. The  results  of
           This  lab  is  GPS-enabled  for  tracking  its     analysis are displayed instantly on the LED
        location. It also has a fully automated, sensor-      panel fitted in the van.

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