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I  would  like  to  thank  New  India  Samachar  for  its
                                                     comprehensive  coverage  on  different  issues.
                                                     The magazine’s style structure with click of page
                                                     progression makes the reading so much enjoyable.
                                                     On the contents page, please provide a hyperlink to
                                                     take the reader to the respective page.
                                                     The selection of language was not very clear to me
                                                     on the email. I had to click several times to read it in
                                                     English. Keep up the good work.

                 Mail Box                                      Bal  Trivedi-Houston,  TX  USA-  baltrivedi@


                                                               It is really a good work and articles of the
                                                               New India Samachar magazine are very

                  It is a great pleasure to                    interesting and informative for all of us.
                  receive the New India                        Thanks a lot.
                  Samachar and get the
                  news about important               
                  developments taking place
                  in India. I always share                     I have gone through the recent edition i.e.
                  the magazine with the                        1 to 15 November 2020 of the magazine. It
                  members of our “Discover                     is a nice and detailed presentation within
                  India Club” (DIC) in Japan,                  a  short  space.  It  is  a  good  publication
                  which was established                        covering all the areas. Please keep it up
                  seven years ago to promote                   with  the  same  spirit.  I  wish  all  the  very
                  cultural and people-to-                      best to this patriotic magazine.
                  people relationship between          
                  India and Japan. I would
                  also recommend that the
                  magazine should be sent to                    I am S Ramakrishna from Telangana.  I
                  the Japan India Association                   have started reading New India Samachar
                  in Japan, if not already                      from  the  last  issue.  I  would  like  to
                  being sent. Their website:                    congratulate you for this good work. Your
                  https://www.japan-india.                      efforts  in  bringing  out  this  fortnightly
                                                                magazine are marvellous. Thank you for
                  com/english                                   issuing it in regional languages too. My
                                                                wishes to all of you for the festive season
                  rabindermalik@hotmail.                        coming ahead.

                                                                                    New India Samachar 3
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