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                Sadar Namaskar,
                  Innovation  is  a  key  to  development  and  the  latest  edition  of  the  New  India
                Samachar is an attempt to present before our readers the strides that have been
                taken since 2014 under Prime Minister Narendra Modi in making innovation a part
                of our education system, temperament and the very thought process.  This edition
                is studded with stories related to the development trajectory besides including the
                story behind the making of the Constitution as India celebrates the sixth Constitution
                Day on November 26.
                  Cover story on Atal Innovation Mission is a vision to cultivate one million children
                as  'Neoteric  Innovators’.  Atal  Innovation  Mission  is  establishing  Atal  Tinkering
                Laboratories in schools across India.
                  The  Prime  Minister  paying  his  respect  to  the  Constitution  on  the  occasion  of
                Constitution Day has been given as pictorial depiction.
                  Story  on  Science  Setu  tells  how  new  innovations  are  helping  in  the  growth
                trajectory of the Government and agriculture being the biggest beneficiary.
                  The Government has taken several steps to stem the menace of air pollution
                which recurringly worsens with the onset of the winters coincident with burning
                of crop residue (parali) left behind after the Kharif harvest especially in the Delhi-
                NCR region and its neighbouring states. International Solar Alliance talks about
                clean energy commitment of the Government and how India is taking along the
                international community in this endeavour.
                  Flagship Scheme Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna tells the Government's commitment
                for  housing  for  all.  Important  Cabinet  decisions  on  Jammu  and  Kashmir  and
                agriculture tell the commitment of the Government towards good governance.
                Testimonials are the regular feature with positive stories of India. Scientist Dr C V
                Raman features in the Bharat Ratna series in this issue.
                  Overwhelmed by the encouraging feedback that you have been providing through
                email,  we  are  now  introducing  a  new  feature  that  will  comprise  some  of  your
                responses.  We are eagerly waiting for your feedback and suggestions.
                  Please send your response:
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                                      Soochna Bhawan, New Delhi - 110003
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                  With your blessings

                                                                         (K S DHATWALIA)

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