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Cover Story    Atal Innovation Mission

                                                    WINGS     OF


                                           NEW INDIA

          The history of humanity is essentially
               a history of innovations beginning
            perhaps with the invention of wheel.

             Innovations have transformed lives
                 of humans from the pre-historic
               times to the present digital age all
           over the world. India, too, has played
                 a significant part in this glorious
              saga and continues to be so while
          finding innovative ways to address its
           societal problems. For economy and
           development, four factors are crucial

                  -- Science and Technology, Civil
         Society, Industry and the Government.
                 With innovation, India is not just
             bridging these factors together but
             is also writing new success stories.
               Innovation is also a crucial part of
          India's vision in becoming a $5 trillion

                economy by 2024-25. To achieve
            these goals, Atal Innovation Mission
                      (AIM) was launched in 2016.

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