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Air Pollution  Annual Recurrence


          DISPLAY AQI                            l The  Central  Government  has  launched  the  National
                                                    Clean  Air  Programme  as  a  long-term,  time-bound,
                                                    national-level  strategy  to  tackle  air  pollution  across
                        SAME E R :
                         Launched         in        the country in a comprehensive manner with targets to
                          October     2017,         achieve 20–30 per cent reduction in PM10 and PM2.5
                         SAMEER provides            concentrations by 2024 with 2017 as the base year
                        information on air       l One-hundred-and-two  non-attainment  cities,  mostly  in
                     quality to the public. It      Indo-Gangetic Plains, have been identified on the basis
          also has provision for registering        of  ambient  air  quality  data  for  the  period  of  2011–
          complaints against air polluting          2015  and  WHO  report  2014/2018.  The  city-specific
          activities. Air quality information       action plans have been approved for all these cities for
          collection and dissemination are          implementation on ground
          done from a centralized location.      l The Central Government had notified a Comprehensive
          It  provides  real-time  air  quality     Action  Plan  in  2018  identifying  timelines  and  the
          status to all stakeholders apart          implementing  agencies  for  actions  identified  for
          from  hourly  updates  on  the            prevention, control and mitigation of air pollution in the
          National  Air  Quality  Index  (AQI)      NCR
          published by the Central Pollution     l Graded Response Action Plan was notified on January
          Control Board.                            12, 2017, for prevention, control and abatement of air
                                                    pollution in the NCR. It identifies graded measures and
                                                    the  implementing  agencies  for  response  to  four  AQI
                         SAFAR:          An
                          integrated early          categories, namely, moderate to poor, very poor, severe
                          warning System            and severe+ or emergency
                          of  Air Quality        STEPS TAKEN TO CHECK STUBBLE BURNING
                         and       Weather       l The  Government  has  allocated  Rs  1,700  Crore  to
                       Forecasting      and         States  for  stubble  management.  Currently,  the
          Research (SAFAR) was launched             Government  is  providing  80  per  cent  subsidy  to
          to provide  forecast of the  Air          cooperatives and 50 per cent subsidy to individuals
                                                    on machinery to prevent stubble burning
          Quality and Weather 72 hours in        l Hotspots  have  been  identified  in  Uttar  Pradesh,
          advance. SAFAR is operational in          Haryana and Rajasthan, and  State  Governments
          four cities – Delhi, Pune, Mumbai         have been directed to pay more attention to these
          and Ahmedabad.                         l State action plans have been made and discussed
                                                    and will be implemented soon

        air  pollution  and  that all  stakeholders i.e.  the   Change  Prakash  Javadekar  said:  “There's  no
        Centre, States Governments and citizens need        magic  bullet  for  mitigation  of  Air  Pollution.
        to work in synergy in fighting the malady.          Factors  are  meteorological  and  geographical
          The problem of air pollution during winter in     which  get  exacerbated  by  man-made  factors
        northern states, especially  Delhi, is  compounded     every  year  during  2-3  months.  The  Centre,  the
        by  man-made,  as  well  as,  meteorological  and   Delhi  Government,  neighboring  states  and
        geographical  factors.  On  September  29,  2020,   citizens need to work in synergy. It’s a shared
        Minister  for  Environment,  Forest  and  Climate   responsibility.”

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