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The number of ‘Good’ air
                                                                    days has increased to 218 in
                                                                   2020 against 106 in 2016, and
                                                                  number of ‘poor’ quality air days
                                                                  decreased to 56 in 2020 against
                                                                   156 in 2016 from January 1 to
                                                                            September 30

                                                                           Minister of Environment, Forest
                                                                              and Climate Change Prakash
                                                                            Javadekar said on October 18,
                                                                             2020 at a Facebook live event

                                               CHECK ON VEHICULAR POLLUTION
                                               l The  Government  is  encouraging  blending  of  ethanol  with
                                                  petrol. It has set a target of blending 10 per cent ethanol by
                                                  2022 and 20 per cent by 2030
                                               l After Bharat Standard IV, the Government switched to Bharat
                                                  Standard VI for vehicular emission norms from April 1, 2020.
                                                  This will reduce vehicular pollution by up to 70 per cent
                                               PUSA MICROBIAL DECOMPOSER CAPSULE
                                                  The Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi, has
                                               developed  Microbial  Decomposer  Capsules,  to  address  to
                                               the problem of stubble burning. Four such capsules, costing
                                               Rs 5 each, are needed to make 25 litres of a solution that
                                               can be used for rapid decomposition of crop residue over a
                                               hectare of field

         parali (stubbles) in their fields. The condition   The Prime Minister said that all those who are
         he placed reflects the true strength of the        giving their best for keeping the environment
         society.                                           clean and pollution free are carrying forward
           In the same episode, the Prime Minister          the Indian tradition of a healthy life style as a
         had also praised Kallar Majra, a village near      true successor.
         Nabha in Punjab. He said that farmers there          “Just as a sea is formed by collection of
         mix stubble with the sand by ploughing their       tiny drops, similarly, a small constructive
         fields rather than burning stubble and adopt       step plays a vital role in creating a positive
         the necessary technology for the process.          environment,” the Prime Minister said.

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