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Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban)

                         Launched on June 25, 2015, the scheme offers a 30 square-metre house.

          The speed of the work can be gauged from the fact that there was a need of 1.12 Crore
          houses under PMAY (Urban) by 2022 and the construction of 1.07 Crore houses has been
          approved so far. Over 67 Lakh houses are under construction while 35 Lakh houses have
          already been handed over. The Central Sanctioning-cum-Monitoring Committee gave
          approval to over 10 Lakh houses in August this year. The Central Government’s assistance
          in the scheme is Rs 1.72 Lakh Crore. So far, it has sanctioned Rs 76,753 Crore. The total
          investment in the scheme Rs 6.49 Lakh Crore.

        ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR           own house.                        and LIG category. People who
        PMAY-U                             AFFORDABLE RENTAL                 have availed the benefit of the
        l  Economically Weaker             HOUSING SCHEME (ARHS)             scheme in any other city but
           Section (EWS) with annual       Often, people owning a            shifted will also be eligible
           income of up to Rs 3 Lakh       house in one city, have to        Empowering women
        l Low-Income Group (LIG) with  move temporarily to other             Unlike earlier housing schemes
           income between Rs 3 Lakh        cities for better education or    PMAY stresses on empowering
           and Rs 6 Lakh                   employment. The Affordable        women from EWS and LIG.
        l Middle-Income Group (MIG)        Rental Housing Complex, a         Under the scheme female
           with income less than Rs        part of the PMAY-U, comes         head of the family has to be
           12 Lakh and are eligible for    to their rescue offering one-     mandatorily made the owner or
           Credit Link Subsidy of Rs       or two-bedroom sets. These        co-owner of the house.
           2.35 Lakh                       houses will be available to       No scope for corruption
        l Middle-Income Group (MIG)        migrant labourers by March        l The entire process of
           II having annual income         2022. Rent will be fixed by         selecting beneficiaries,
           less than Rs 18 Lakh and        Urban Local Body as per Local       construction of houses and
           are eligible for Credit Link    Market Survey or operators or       handing over of the house is
           Subsidy of Rs 2.35 Lakh         organisations themselves. Rent      transparent.
        ASSISTANCE IN THE                  can be revised by 8 per cent in   l The construction work is
        CONSTRUCTION OF HOUSE              two years.                          strictly supervised. Fund is
        The house is built with facilities  WHO WILL BENEFIT                   released as construction
        like water, sewerage and toilet.   The scheme will benefit             work progresses.
        People belonging to EWS and        migrants labourers, urban
        LIG get subsidy in the interest    poor, rickshaw puller, hawker,    Digital Platform:
        from Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 2.30          people working in education       PMAY-G:
        Lakh. Rs 1.5 Lakh will be made     and health department and         PMAY-U:
        available for reconstruction of    students belonging to EWS

        classes but also the middle-class people.              Prime  Minister  Narendra  Modi  recently
          The Government has made PMAY transparent          interacted with beneficiaries in Madhya Pradesh
        with  the  help  of  digital  verification.  The  2011   in a programme ‘Grih Pravesh’ where 1.75 Lakh
        Census  has  been  made  the  basis  of  selecting   houses were handed over to the families under
        beneficiaries for pucca houses in the rural areas.  PMAY-G.

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