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Flagship Scheme
                             Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

        Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin

                 Target         Registration        Approved         Completed          Fund Transfer
               2,26,98,288        1,84,75,380       1,71,00,848       1,18,21,595        Rs 1,65,861 CR

          Beneficiaries are selected using parameters from the Socio-Economic and Caste Census (SECC)
         and verified by Gram Sabhas. The PMAY-Gramin Scheme is linked with other Central Government
          schemes such as Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin (SBMG) through which assistance of up to Rs
            12,000 for the building toilets is provided in collaboration with MGNREGS or other schemes

           ELIGIBILITY                                                             NOT ELIGIBLE
           CRITERIA FOR                                                            l Anyone owning a
           PMAY-G                                                                    motorised two-,
           l Families which do                                                       three- or four-
             not own a house or                                                      wheeler vehicle,
             own a house that                                                        agricultural
             has a maximum of                                                        equipment, or even
             two rooms with a                                                        a fishing boat is
             kutcha wall and roof     l The construction cost of the houses          excluded from this
           l Households with no       will be shared in a 60:40 ratio between      l Individuals who hold
             literate adult above     the Central and State governments in           a Kisan Credit Card
             25 years of age          plain areas  amounting up to Rs.1.20           with a spending
           l Households without       Lakh of assistance for each unit               limit of Rs 50,000 or
             an adult male            l For rural areas in the Himalayan             above
             member between 16           states, North Eastern states, and the     l Families with
             and 59 years of age         Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir,          a member in
           l Families with               the ratio is 90:10, i.e. the Central         government service
             disabled members            Government will bear 90 per cent of          with a monthly
             and no able-bodied          the cost and the state government            income exceeding
             adult members               will finance 10 per cent amounting           Rs 10,000
           l Landless people             up to Rs.1.30 Lakh of assistance for      l A household that
             who are earning             each unit.                                   has a member
             income from casual       l100 per cent financing will be offered         who is paying
             labour                      by the Central Government for the            professional or
           l Scheduled Caste             construction of houses in Union              income tax
             (SC), Scheduled             Territories including the newly-formed    l  Families which have
             Tribe (ST), and             UT of Ladakh                                 a landline telephone
             Minorities                                                               connection or own a

        2015, aims to provide a respectable life to the      and urban settings. The PMAY (Urban) Mission
        less  privileged  with  complete  transparency.  In   intends to provide housing for all in urban areas
        the past six years, the Government has handed        by year 2022. The PMAY (Gramin) Scheme has
        over 2.25 Crore houses across the country.           a similar objective for rural areas. The scheme
           The scheme has separate provisions for rural      covers not only for the poor, needy and backward

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