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Air Pollution  Annual Recurrence


              Air pollution harms not only humans, animals and plants but inanimate
            objects such as rocks, soils, buildings etc, as well. As the name suggests,

            the Taj Trapezium ruling of the Supreme Court in 1996 had at its heart the
           deleterious effects that the air pollution had on the monument’s health. To
           curb the menace of air pollution, the Government is pursuing a programme

                              of focussed, collective and concerted action

               ccording  to  the  World  Health  Organisation
               (WHO),  air pollution kills more than 38 lakh
        Apeople every year across the world. More than
        90 per cent children in the world are forced to inhale
        polluted air. India has 14 of the most polluted cities in
        the world. A thick blanket of smog envelopes several
        parts of north India around Diwali and with the on-set
        of winter. The menace of air pollution has acquired
        more  sinister dimension this year in  view of the
        COVID-19 pandemic. However, amid all this gloom,
        there is some reason to cheer. The Government has
        taken several measures to fight air pollution even as
        it stressed that there is no magic wand for mitigating

          India is both aware of, as well as, involved in finding
          solutions to pollution. We are leaving no stone
          unturned whether it is the Swachh India Campaign,
          smoke-less cooking gas, LED campaign, CNG-based
          transportation, or electric mobility. We
          are emphasising on increasing the
          use of ethanol to reduce pollution
          caused due to petrol… We are                            PM PRAISED PUNJAB
          working on a holistic approach to                       FARMER
          reduce pollution in selected 100                          In his Mann Ki Baat in October 2018,
          cities through an integrated                            Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised
          approach and modern                                     Gurbachan Singh a farmer of Punjab.
          technology with people’s                                While fixing the marriage of his son,
          participation                                           Gurbachan Singh urged the bride’s family
                  -Prime Minister                                 to promise that they would not burn
                  Narendra Modi

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