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Special Report  Constitution Day

                   THE CONSTITUTION:


             We, the people of

             India, adopted our
             Constitution on

             November 26, 1949.
             While the date has

             been important for
             the nation, it was

             only in 2015 that the

             Government decided
             to celebrate November

             26 as the 'Constitution
             Day' every year in a

             tribute to Babasaheb
             Bhimrao Ambedkar,

             the chief architect of
             our Constitution, on his

             125th birth anniversary

              heoretically,  a  Constitution  is  essentially   a protection to the country's democratic fabric.
              a body of fundamental principles which         The Indian Constitution was adopted on Novem-
        Tguides the Government of country. It en-            ber 26, 1949, and a few of its provisions came
        sures rights and dignity to its citizens, and up-    into effect immediately and the rest came into
        holds the unity of the nation. For every country,    force on January 26, 1950.
        the Constitution is its soul. For India, it is much    Every year, the nation celebrates August
        more because it embodies the ethos that guid-        15  (Independence  Day)  and  January  26  (Re-
        ed our freedom fighters in their struggle for the    public  Day)  on  a  grand  scale.  But    Novem-
        country's  Independence.  The  distilled  wisdom     ber  26    had  been  consigned  to  the  attic
        of its makers, the Indian Constitution is the con-   of  our  collective  national  consciousness.
        science keeper of the Government and offering        After  assuming  the  office,  Prime  Minister

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