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Narendra  Modi  decided  to  celebrate
        this day on a scale that befits its signif-
        icance. The aim behind this was sim-
        ple – to make the new generation well
        aware  of  the  Constitution  and  help
        them understand it in a better way so
        that they can contribute in the making
        of a New India.
           The decision was a tribute to Baba-
        saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, the  chief
        architect  of  the  Constitution,  on  his
        125th birth anniversary. Prime Minis-
        ter Narendra Modi said Dr Ambedkar
        played a seminal role in the framing of
        the Indian Constitution as the Chair-
        man of the Drafting Committee of the
        Constitution.  He  also  said  that  cele-
        brating November 26 does not mean
        January 26 will lose its importance.
           The  Prime  Minister  said  that  in  a
        diverse country such as India, it was
        important that the people were made        Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 11, 2015
                                                   in Mumbai made an announcement to celebrate the
        aware  of  the  provisions  of  the  Con-  Constitution Day on November 26 every year


            hough the Indian Constitution draws upon the constitutions of many other countries, yet, it offers a
        Tunique set of laws for India. Constitution makers studied constitutions of more than 60 countries
        to give India what suited it the best. Retaining the basic structure of the Government of India Act, 1935,
        the Indian Constitution has adopted provisions from the Constitutions of Britain, Ireland, the US, South
        Africa, Canada, France, Australia, Russia, Germany and Japan. Provisions such as the federal structure,
        office  of  Governor,  Judiciary,  Public  Service  Commissions,  Emergency  Provisions,  Administrative
        details have taken from the Government of India Act, 1935. Ideals of republic, liberty, equality and
        fraternity in the Preamble were taken from the Constitution of France. The language of the Preamble
        was taken from Australia's Constitution and the style of the Preamble was taken from the US.
                                                         PROVISIONS OF AMENDMENTS: Provision for
           WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT:  The                 amendments make a constitution more flexible.
           Indian  Constitution  offers  equality  for   Makers of the Constitutions knew that with the
           all  and  provides  for  the  Rule  of  Law.  It   changing times, the Constitution will need to be
           guarantees fundamental rights to each         amended. Therefore, they provided a detailed
           and every citizen, whether underprivileged    amending procedure while ensuring that it is not
           or  oppressed,  backward  or  deprived.  It   amenable to the whims of the rulers. So far, the
           protects  their  fundamental  rights  and     Consitution has seen104 amendments, the latest
           safeguards their interests.
                                                         being in January, 2020.

                                                                                     New India Samachar 7
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