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War Against Corona



           ocussed  efforts  of  Centre,            Jab Tak Dawai Nahi, Tab Tak Dhilai Nahi
        FStates  and  UTs  on  effective
        clinical  management  of the                                              92.20 %
        hospitalised cases have ensured
        reduction in  the  Fatality  Rate  of                                       RECOVERY
        COVID-19 in India. It has touched                                               RATE
        1.49  per  cent.  With  effective                                         1.49%
        containment strategy, aggressive
        testing and standardised clinical
        management  protocols  based                       Two yards               DEATH RATE
        on  holistic  standard  of care                     Distance
        protocol across government and            Total test so far    Laboratory- Government-1132| Private - 905
        private  hospitals,  the  number          11,42,08,384         Recovered Patients- 77,10,630
        of  new  deaths  has  significantly
        dipped. As part of the COVID-19                 Active cases                 Total patients
        management and response policy,                    5,28,178                     83,64,797
        there has been a sharp focus of            There has been a decline in the rate of infection and
        the  Central  Government  on  not            deaths in October as compared to the total patient
        only containing the COVID-19, but         population. In October, the number of infections fell by
        also reducing deaths and saving            71.61%, while number of deaths decreased by  70.57%
                                                    (Figures as on 4 November; Source: Ministry of Health)
        lives by providing quality clinical      AYUSH MINISTRY REVIEWS IMPACTFUL INTERVENTIONS
        care to the  critical and severe           Secretary,  Ministry  of  AYUSH  Vaidya  Rajesh
        patients of COVID.                       Kotecha chaired a high-level meeting to review various

                                                 impactful interventions which the  Ministry made
        VICE-PRESIDENT AND                       in  the  recent  months  and  which  have  significantly
        HIS WIFE RECOVER FROM                    contributed to the prevention and management of
        CORONAVIRUS                              COVID-19.  Principal  Secretaries  and  Secretaries  of
           After an  isolation  of around        AYUSH and Health Departments of different States
        a  month,  Vice  President  M.           and UTs took part in the meeting held through video
        Venkaiah  Naidu  and  his  wife          conferencing. Kotecha appraised the States/UTs of
        Usha  Naidu  tested  negative  for       the  recently  released  National  Ayurveda  and  Yoga
        COVID-19  on  October  26.  They         Protocol  for  Management  of  Covid-19,  the  need  to
        were     under    home-quarantine        expedite  the  operationalisation  of  AYUSH  Health
        after       being        diagnosed       Wellness  Centres  approved  under  National  AYUSH
        with  COVID-19  on  September            Mission (NAM)  and  the urgent need to improve
        29, 2020.                                the  expenditure  and  fund  flow  at  State/UT  level
                                                 under NAM.

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