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Special Report  Constitution Day

          COMMITTEES OF THE CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY                 stitution.  Observing  November  26  as  the

        Seventeen separate committees were constituted           Constitution Day reflects the Union Govern-
                                                                 ment’s thinking in that light, he said, adding
        by the Constituent Assembly on various important
                       issues. Here is the list                  that the concept will evolve over time. “After
                                                                 Independence when crores of people dreamt
        Name of the Committee       Chairman                     of moving ahead with new hopes and their
        Committee on the Rules of  Rajendra Prasad               spirit was high despite  adverse  conditions
        Procedure                                                prevailing  at  that  time,  it  was  not  an  easy
        Steering Committee          Rajendra Prasad              task to give a Constitution acceptable to all.
        Finance and Staff           Rajendra Prasad              In a country which has more than a dozen
        Committee                                                religions, which has more than  a hundred
        Credential Committee        Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar    languages  and  more  than  1,700  dialects,
        House Committee             B. Pattabhi Sitaramayya      where people who have been living even in
        Order of Business           K.M. Munsi                   forests besides in cities and towns with their
        Committee                                                own faiths, it was not an easy task to bring
        Ad hoc Committee on the     Rajendra Prasad              all of them on one platform and prepare this
        National Flag
        Committee on the            G.V. Mavalankar              historic document that respects their faiths,”
        Functions of the                                         the  Prime  Minister  said  on  November  26,
        Constituent Assembly                                     2017.
        States Committee            Jawaharlal Nehru               Before the Constitution was adopted and
        Advisory Committee on       Vallabhbhai Patel            implemented,  India  was  governed  by  the
        Fundamental Rights,                                      Government  of  India  Act,  1935,  passed  by
        Minorities and Tribal and                                Parliament of the United Kingdom.
        Excluded Areas                                           THE CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY OF INDIA
        Minorities Sub-Committee    H.C. Mookherjee                The  Constituent  Assembly  first  met  on
        Fundamental Rights          J.B. Kripalani               December 9, 1946, with 389 members  cho-
        Sub-Committee                                            sen  by  indirect  election  by  the  members
        North-East Frontier Tribal   Gopinath Bardoloi           of the Provincial Legislative  Assemblies,
        Areas and Assam Exluded                                  as  recommended  by  the  Cabinet  Mission
        & Partially Excluded Areas
        Sub-Committee                                            Plan.    On  December  11,  1946,  Dr  Rajendra
        Excluded and Partially      A.V. Thakkar                 Prasad was appointed as the President and
        Excluded Areas (Other than                               Harendra Coomar Mookerjee the Vice-Pres-
        those in Assam)                                          ident  of  the  Constituent  Assembly.  After
        Sub-Committee                                            the  Partition  under  the  Mountbatten  Plan
        Union Powers Committee      Jawaharlal Nehru             of  June  3,  1947,  a  separate  Constituent
        Union Constitution          Jawaharlal Nehru             Assembly  was  created  for  Pakistan.  Thus
        Committee                                                representatives  of  some Provinces  ceased
        Drafting Committee          B.R. Ambedkar
        8  New India Samachar
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