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Special Report  Constitution Day

                                                       CITIZENS, ADMINISTRATORS MUST

                                                       MOVE AHEAD IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE
                                                       SPIRIT OF THE CONSTITUTION

                                                          rime Minister in  the  Mann Ki Baat programme
                                                      Pon  November  26,  2017,  said  it  is  every  citizen's
                                                       duty that they must abide by the Constitution in its
                                                       letter  and  spirit.  "Citizens  and  administrators  alike
                                                       must  move  ahead  in  accordance  with  the  spirit  of
                                                       our Constitution. The message that our Constitution
                                                       conveys is that no one should be harmed in any way.
                                                       It  is  natural  to  remember  Babasaheb  Ambedkar  on
                                                       Constitution Day," the Prime Minister said.
                                                         Speaking at a separate event on the same day,
                                                       he  said: "The  time demands that all of us should
                                                       strengthen each other. One institution should be able
                                                       to  understand  requirements  of  the  other  and  also
                                                       understand  the  challenges faced  by it. When  these
                                                       three institutions (executive, judiciary and legislature)
                                                       will focus on their duties enshrined in the constitution,
                                                       only then, they will be able to rightfully tell the citizens
           In the year 2010, on November 26,  Prime Minister    of the country. Please follow your duties and think of
           Narendra Modi, then Chief Minister of Gujarat
           took out the Shobha Yatra by keeping a copy of the   society and country by shedding the mentality of why
           Constitution on an elephant. He himself walked   should I bother'."
           before the elephant in the entire journey

           The Constitution of India was adopted on No-      is safe in a cupboard of the Northern Printing Di-
        vember  26,  1949  and  the  members  appended       vision.
        their signatures to it on January 24, 1950. In all,
        284 members actually signed the Constitution.        WHY THE CONSTITUTION WAS ADOPTED ON
           A handwritten document: The first copy of the     JANUARY 26
        Constitution of India was written in hand. Callig-     On December 31, 1929, the Congress adopt-
        rapher Prem Behari Narain Raizada prepared the       ed  the  Poorna  Swaraj  Resolution  and  called
        English version in a flowing italic style while Vas-  upon the people to celebrate January 26 as the
        ant Krishna Vaidya prepared Hindi copy. These        Independence  Day  every  year.  After  the  Inde-
        were illustrated by artist Nandalal Bose and his     pendence, it was decided that the Constitution
        team from Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan, in West        would come into force on January 26, 1950.
        Bengal. The original Hindi as well as English cop-     70  ANNIVERSARY OF ADOPTION OF THE
        ies of the Indian Constitution, are kept in special   CONSTITUTION CELEBRATED IN 2019
        helium-filled cases in the Library of Parliament       The 70  anniversary of adoption of the Consti-
        of India. From the handwritten document, 1,000       tution of India was celebrated in the Central Hall
        copies  were  printed  using  lithography  printing   of Parliament House -- the place where it was
        in the Survey of India (SoI)’s Northern Printing     adopted in 1949. Mass reading of the Preamble
        Group office located in Hathibarkala area of Deh-    to the Constitution was held at 11:00 AM on the
        radun. The first printed copy was hardbound and      Constitution Day.

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