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It will be necessary for us Indians

                          Muslims, Christians, Jews, Parsis,

                                and all others to whom India

                               is their home, to recognize a

                          common flag to live and to die for

                                              - Mahatma Gandhi

                INDIAN TRICOLOUR:


              he  National Flag of a country is not
              just  a  part  of  its  identity  but  also  a
        Tsymbol of its freedom. For India, the
        flag is a symbol of people’s hope, affection
        and strength. The Indian Flag, also known
        as the Tricolour (having three colours), also
        symbolises truth and peace.
          As  India  is  celebrating  the  Constitution
        Day,  it  becomes  even  more  important  to
        have a look at the journey of the Indian flag.
        The flag was an important weapon in India’s
        freedom against the British rule.
          The  National  Flag  of  India,  in  its  pres-      THE INDIAN FLAG
        ent form, was adopted by the Constituent
        Assembly  on  July  22,  1947.  It  served  as        l The Indian flag is a horizontal tricol-
        the National Flag of the Dominion of India              or with saffron (kesari) at the top,
        between  August  15,  1947,  and  January               white in the middle and green at the
        26, 1950, and that of the Republic of India             bottom in equal proportion. Saffron
        thereafter.  The  Indian  National  Flag  rep-          indicates  strength  and  courage,
        resents hopes and aspirations of the people             white  indicates  peace  and  truth
        of India. It is a symbol of the national pride.         and green is the colour of fertility,
        Over the last seven decades, several people             growth and auspiciousness of the
        including  members  of  armed  forces  have             land.
        ungrudgingly laid down their lives to keep            l The ratio of width of the flag to its
        the Tricolour flying in its full glory.                 length is two to three.

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